lanzero Company Introduction

Established in December 2009, lanzero is a company focused on the production and research of storage products. Originating as a retailer and wholesaler, we later transitioned into a specialized firm providing tailored storage design solutions for businesses and public entities. Over the years, we have achieved significant success not only in traditional electronic product storage but also in innovative areas such as storage solutions for new electronic products and surveillance devices for public institutions, including drones.

Key Business Areas:

Our core business includes the production and research of storage products, with a commitment to delivering customized storage solutions for businesses and public institutions. Whether it's traditional electronic products or innovations in emerging fields, lanzero is dedicated to meeting the evolving needs of our customers.


We boast a strong team of 50 individuals covering various expertise areas, including research and development, design, sales, and customer service. Our team members are proactive, creative, and collaborate effectively, contributing to the continuous growth of the company.

Client Base:

lanzero's client base is primarily located in Eastern Europe and North America, with active efforts to expand our market presence in the Middle East and Africa. Through continuous innovation and improved service quality, we aim to meet the diverse needs of clients globally.

Design Team:

lanzero's mission is to become one of the leading global providers of storage products by offering high-quality, customized storage solutions through continuous innovation and excellent service. We will continue to strive for technological advancement, meet customer demands, and explore new frontiers for the sustainable development of the company.

Service Hours

If you have any question before/during/after purchasing items or any suggestions and comments, review the information below to contact us so that we can help you find solutions!

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We will reply your Email within 12 working hours.

Business Hours: Monday to Saturday: 09:00 – 20:00

You could place your order at any time as you like, and our order fulfillment department which service all year round will deal with it and send out your items as soon as possible.

Lanzero Mission Is To Become One Of The Leading Global Providers Of Storage Products By Offering High-Quality, Customized Storage Solutions Through Continuous Innovation And Excellent Service. We Will Continue To Strive For Technological Advancement, Meet Customer Demands, And Explore New Frontiers For The Sustainable Development Of The Company.