Lanzero Corporate Overview

Company Profile:

Lanzero, founded in 2009, is a company dedicated to the Manufacturing and Sales of Storage Products. We boast a team of 50 Professionals committed to providing Innovative Storage Solutions, including High-Quality Storage Cards and Flash Drives.

Business Development:

Initially targeting the Wholesale Market in Europe and the United States, our Client Base expanded successfully in 2021 to include South American and Southeast Asian Markets. Currently, our Clientele spans across the Globe.

Strategic Transformation:

In 2020, we underwent a Strategic Transformation, focusing on Enterprise Customization Services. We established an Outstanding Design Team capable of tailoring various Storage Products to meet specific Client needs. Furthermore, we offer Complimentary Brand Design Services, fostering Mutual Growth with our Clients.

Customer Base:

Our Diverse Clientele includes numerous Enterprise Customization Customers, showcasing Unique Logos and Packaging Designs on our Products. Additionally, we provide Storage Design Solutions for Large Public Entities, particularly in the field of Closed-Circuit Television.

Core Values:

We are Dedicated to delivering the Optimal Business Solutions for our Clients. Through Continuous Innovation and Elevated Service Standards, Lanzero remains at the Forefront of the Storage Industry, Collaborating with Clients to Achieve Mutual Business Success.